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Virtual Assistants no longer operates an independent database of virtual workers and employers. We now refer our Virtual Assistants to the services of Freelancer which has an excellent record for matching employers with the people that have the skills they need.

We have maintained a top ranking on search results and consistent high levels of visitors from business and potential assistants. Our web site domain name is the generic name for our service and as such VirtualAssistants.co.uk continues to be the top ranked web site for Virtual Assistants in the UK.

Parties interested in acquiring the domain or web site may visit BestWebNames.co.uk.

Virtual Assistants can work remotely from home on long-term or short-term projects or employment. We have had an active database of thousands of virtual workers, and have matched employees who want to work from home with businesses that need their skills. We no longer administer our own database of employers and virtual employees, but we continue to help both by introducing potential employers and employees to the Freelancer service.

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